Mentorship Program


"Being a mentor is a challenging, rewarding, and fun experience! It's a way to give to or give back to the larger IT community that you have grown within. Giving others something that you yourself may or may not have had."

-Luis Encinosa, Director Network Systems - Nicklaus Health




The South Florida HIMSS Chapter is proud to launch its Mentorship Program with the goal to engage local, enthusiastic, and experienced healthcare leaders to mentor emerging healthcare professionals and students. With our carefully executed matching process by seasoned healthcare industry executives, whose goal is to connect you with experienced mentors who will guide you in your career choices, help you improve self-confidence, enhance leadership skills, and develop excellent communication skills.

Each mentor-mentee relationship begins in September and lasts around 7 months, although your partnerships may extend beyond our program should you choose.

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**Applications are due to be released in July 2024.**


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